At the time of me writing this, it appears that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States and there are many in the Church that is not accepting this outcome whatsoever. Although Trump is vowing to go to the Supreme Court and has filed multiple lawsuits across many states, I just think I need to remind a lot of folks that God is not limited to only using a republican to carry out his will on the earth.

I feel like I need to remind you that in times past God used even the most wicked Kings to bring about his will in the earth, He used the likes of Nebuchadnezzar, Pharoah, and even Cyrus to fulfill his purpose in a specific season he deemed fit. I’ll also remind you of the words of the Prophet Daniel that told us that it is God that sets up Kings and sets down Kings for his purpose.

God used Donald Trump for 4 years to accelerate prophetic events regarding the nation of Israel, peace treaties, and He stood and fought for the Church and the unborn. But sadly many feel like God could never use Joe Biden for his purpose. Many don’t realize that the Bible speaks of the “Dispensation of Grace” which is basically a sovereign timeframe in which God’s unmerited favor would open the door for both Jews and Gentiles to come into covenant with him through the blood of Jesus through faith in him.

However, this timeframe will eventually come to an end and we will move into what I call the “Age of Apostasy”. I firmly believe we have already crossed this timeframe and been in it for over the past ten years but we will now fully see this be accelerated. While many are disheartened and feeling hopeless from the election outcome, we have to remember that prophecy must be fulfilled and it will be fulfilled the way the Lord sees fit.

Remember in the end times, Israel will be in a time where the US will not be there at their side and they will be left alone to fight a coalition of nations that are revealed in the prophetic war of Gog and Magog. Many speculate how this could even happen but I would like to suggest to you that it’s very possible there won’t be leadership in America that stands with Israel.

We also read in the Book of Daniel where there will be a covenant or peace treaty that will be established with Israel and many nations that will be confirmed for a period of seven years by a man we know as the Antichrist. The next thing I want to say here is going to be controversial because it is my personal opinion but, I struggle to find America even mentioned in Bible Prophecy in the time of the end.

Of course, there are many out there that attempt to make it fit in Prophecy through symbolism and etc, but many theologians and scholars have pointed out that it appears that America is missing and some even speculate that America could be “Mystery Babylon” mentioned in the book of Revelation that will be destroyed in one hour’s time.

Though this doesn’t sound like much “good news”, I want to remind you that the true “good news” is we have a blessed hope and salvation through Christ and his free gift of salvation. So we all need to be reminded that our mandate is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all the World as a witness and then the end shall come.

Even the Lord Jesus told us to “occupy until he comes”. So where do we go from here? We keep pressing forward and advancing the Kingdom of God in the earth. We keep warning people to get right with the Lord, We keep revealing to them the signs of the times, we exhort, edify and rebuke. God is still on the throne with or without Donald Trump in the White House!

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